Recorder Groups

50's Plus  Centre Brisbane City Council - Town Hall

Classes operate from this centre in the city


Bli Bli group - Sunshine Coast


Gold Coast Recorder Players Facebook


Private Teachers

This option is strongly encouraged.

Most qualified woodwind/music teachers will be able to give adult tuition on the Recorder. It may appear daunting but the benefits are enormous. Please keep in mind that they are fellow music lovers who want to help you enjoy your playing and get better at it. Contact the Qld Music Teachers Association

Expect to pay around $75 per hour. This option is highly recommended for those people who can play a tune but have no idea what they are doing in terms of articulation, breathing, posture, the music etc. You will gain a clearer direction, make faster progress and obtain significant insights that you won't achieve on your own. It is worth it.

On-line Tuition

There are many sites that will give you instructions and finger charts,alternative fingerings, trill charts etc. The better ones may require payment, but most don't or are usually not excessive. Please also try to give a donation if indicated, as they generally involve a great deal of generosity of spirit and effort.  A quick search will bring up terrific sites like :

Sarah Jeffrey's channel is great value